Why e-vive?

  • App-controlled muscle stimulation therapy device
  • Comfortable quadriceps strengthening from home
  • Drug-free, non-invasive, FDA-cleared solution
  • Clinically proven to strengthen muscles and support joint function



Are you a provider interested in e-vive for your practice?

Stimulation replicates exercise on muscles surrounding the knee

20-minute treatment sessions

At home therapy

Prescription only

Don’t have a prescription?

Download our prescription form and product information to share with your healthcare provider:

Once your provider completes the prescription, return to this page to send us a copy and place your order.

For assistance, contact Customer Service at (844) 296-2014

Already have a prescription?

If you have already been prescribed the e-vive system, simply email us a copy of the prescription. We’ll contact you to process your order.

Get stronger with e-vive

Home-based therapy at your fingertips

  • Direct shipping to your home
  • Unlimited support from CyMedica Customer Service

Affordable price of $499

  • Discounted pricing available
  • Split installments and HSA/FSA debit cards accepted

Fewer Office Visits. More Progress

Learn more about the e-vive system


We’re focused on supporting you throughout your entire knee condition journey, from the early signs of arthritis to post-operative rehabilitation after knee surgery. Our e-vive system offers comfortable, app-based muscle strengthening therapy designed specifically to treat your knee conditions from home, or anywhere else. The unique built-in data collection feature of the e-vive app keeps your provider informed of your progress remotely and while in-between clinic visits.

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